This River

This River

From the Julie de Azevedo album, Pray for Rain
Copyright Unknown
Music by: Julie de Azevedo
Lyrics by: Julie de Azevedo

Video recorded November 29, 2013

About This Song

Julie de Azevedo’s Pray for Rain album was a very important album for me in my early 20s. I was serving a mission for the Mormon church at the time, and our mission rules were strict about the music that we were allowed to listen to. It had to be music that was sold in the church-owned bookstore, Deseret Book, and had to spiritually uplifting.

The Pray for Rain album was one of the first LDS-produced albums that actually sounded like it could be a full-blow pop album. I loved it. My favorite track, though, was the pensive, simple, and haunting song that wrapped up the album, This River. With nothing more than a beautifully performed and recorded piano part by the inestimable Sam Cardon and a simple accordion part to round out the sound, This River was emotional, and touching, and spoke to me very deeply.

Even now, nearly 20 years later, I still adore this song. Julie’s simple, but honest, performance was beautiful, so when I sat down to transcribe the song and transpose it into my key, I didn’t do much to change either the accompaniment or the melody. I tried to keep it simple, like the original. I think it fits the slow, peaceful, and introspective feel of music and lyrics.