I’m Moving On

I’m Moving On

© 2014 Silly Looking Little Man Music (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved
Music by: Matt Armstrong
Lyrics by: Matt Armstrong

Video recorded July 2014

About This Song

Lately, I’ve been trying to get back to my theatrical roots a little bit when it comes to my songwriting. That’s where my voice fits, and that’s where my roots lie. I wanted to write a song that would tell my own personal story, but in such a way that it could easily fit into a musical.


I thought that leaving would be kinda…easy,
That walking away would feel right.
I gave it my all for what seemed a lifetime,
And put up one hell of a fight.
I felt bruised, I felt beaten–
Felt broken apart at the soul
I needed a change, a life rearranged
And so I moved on.

I gained understanding, I fought for some peace
Recaptured that bit of my soul
But the things that I found when I found my release
They still didn’t make me feel whole
It’s a zero sum game, where no matter which option I choose
I’m just spinning my wheels, and still never feel
Like I’m moving on

Now the damage is done
And the healing is stalled
And I’m stuck in this place
Which is no place at all
Between fight and surrender
Heaven and Hell
Where I don’t know myself
But I know it so well.

All the things that I was before I walked away
Are still deep down inside me, and still holding sway
And I reach for the future while holding the past
And I’m stuck going nowhere, and I’m getting there fast
And I’m a little bit frightened that my chances have passed
And I don’t know why.

It’s time to move on from great expectations
And dreams that could never come true
The time has come to discard this shame
Of me somehow not being you
There’s a whole life worth living, a life that is long overdue
But now I’m prepared
Yeah, and a little bit scared.
But just watch out world, for I have declared
I’m moving on.